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Welcome to tackamap the bulletin board map

You are looking at the best push pin map ever made and the perfect gift for a traveler or business person. tackamaps™ are printed on heavy fabric, laminated to genuine cork and wrapped in beautiful, furniture finish wood frames. A tackamap™ makes a great gift for the traveler on your list because they are so beautiful and unique! They allow for charting of the places they have visited or would like to visit. Plus, tackamaps™ can be customized with a title specific to your gift recipient.

With a tackamap™, you can pinpoint your clients, show sales territories, chart your travels, or plan for future travels, and so much more.

These attractive bulletin board maps are gorgeous pieces of art. They look great in a classroom, office, den, study, or students room. Not only are they a great geography tool, but (thanks to their cork backing) tackamaps™ also serve as fully functional bulletin boards.

Plus, for a limited time, we will include a free package of Moore multicolored map tacks with every tackamap™ ordered. Other map pin styles and colors are also available for purchase.

There isn't anything like a tackamap™! They are so unique, they are patented.